Sopranotron is a brand new app and the first dedicated 'virtual soprano' instrument for iPad, allowing you to add the soaring operatic tones of Caitlin Downie to your recordings or to take a pitch-perfect 'virtual soprano' on stage with you!

Sopranotron was created by Omenie and features the vocal range of Caitlin Downie, classically trained soprano. Caitlin's vocal range was painstakingly recorded and assembled into a huge vocal collection to create the Sopranotron app. Featuring 525 different samples, 15 different voices as well as chromatic sampling over the M3000's 35-note range, and note stretching below and above the range Sopranotron delivers 5 octaves in total. 

The app has 3 distinct vowel vocalisations, 'soft' voices, 'forte' voices (with huge projection and vibrato), staccato vowels and 3 different ensemble voices are provided. Two different playable instruments are available at the same time, one blended from a selection 3 of the 15 voices ('A/B/C'), the other a single voice ('D'). The 'D' voice may be assigned to programmable chord pads, or the two instruments may be played independently via class-compliant MIDI keyboards. 64 programmable 'Voicebanks' allow popular selections of voices to be saved and restored immediately for recording or performance. 

With Virtual MIDI on 2 separate channels and AudioBus support the Sopranotron is a very flexible and powerful instument for adding vocal sparkle to recordings or live performances.

Caitlin is a dream to work with. She is, in a word, amazing!
— Phil Atkin, Creator of Sopranotron