My website

I have had a massive website overhaul, because of a slight change in career direction. I mentioned something to this effect in my previous blog post. I am still singing, but I am putting together more of my own work in what can loosely be called ‘cabaret.’ I am creating shows about subjects that I want to sing about, working with people that I want to work with and singing in venues that are interesting or quirky.

To make this small career change more feasible on the web, I have had Rosemary Galton of Rosiest Design rejig the website and I am really pleased with it now. I wanted something that shows what I do and what I am capable of, but also be a little bit personal. And I hope that the website fulfils this. My shows are also filled with my personality, I hope that by the end of watching one of my shows you either know something about me, or you feel that you can approach me and ask me questions about work, or the music I have been singing.

It is an odd thing, putting yourself out there for people to look at in a way that they can be critical and judgmental without hurting you. They can pour over every word you write, breath you take in a song and picture you put online and the things you say online last forever. Which is why you have to post honestly and with 100% of you in every online decision. I honestly hope that my website is the best side of me on the web!